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        General Guidelines


  • The event or production must be within the applicant's artistic, production and administrative capabilities, of sufficient quality, artistic merit or cultural significance to warrant the commitment of public funds and be soundly budgeted, directed and controlled.

  • All requests for financial assistance must be accompanied by certified accounts for the production/event and a statement of the Member organisation's financial position at the time. 

  • Applications will be considered only from exclusively amateur groups or for principally amateur productions or events.

  • Members may apply for only one event per year.

  • Applications should be made at least three months before the event. Where underwriting is guaranteed, claims must be made within three months of the event.

  • It is a condition of financial assistance that the logos of SDC and SDAC be prominently displayed on all publicity material, including programmes.

  • Any organisation applying must submit a current Safeguarding Policy, in line with SDC’s requirements and approved by the Secretary, Doreen Pascall,, who will also offer help with this if requested. A pro forma can be found under ‘Documents’.


       SDAC is more kindly disposed to groups which make determined efforts to support themselves: for example through   

      realistic member subscriptions; careful budgeting; good marketing and fund-raising initiatives; seeking other sponsorship.


     To apply


     See ‘Documents’ for the applications form, which can be completed online.


     Applications should be submitted to the Applications Secretary, Bryan Richardson,

     Telephone 01732 454557.

     In the event of a complaint, please use the following link:         

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